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Search Engine Optimization refers to activities involved in improving organic search ranking, resulting in more traffic to the website.  As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO activities include the following major activities.

1. Review organic search ranking 

Search marketers need to review search ranking on keywords your business is searched by.  There are software packages that help collect organic search ranking in 1st tier search engines and some of 2nd tier search engines.

Software: WebPosition, Google Webmaster,,


2. Study pages for keyword focus

The most important factor for search engines to use to decide on search ranking is keyword relevance in the page.  And, the simplest fact of keyword relevance in the page is the number of keyword appearance while there are other factors affecting the impact.  Therefore, search marketers need to track the number of keyword appearance in the page for all keywords observed for optimization.

Software: WebPosition, www.Seomoz.orgg 

3. Page submissions to major search engines and public directory sites

All search engines factor in the number of inbound links as the site’s popularity.  Thus, it is important to submit the site’s URL to as many public sites and directory sites and SEO software helps marketers by automating this process.

Software: Google Webmaster,,


4. Link study

Another important factor in determining keyword relevance in the page is incoming links.  Thus, it is an important search engine optimization effort to study relevant incoming links.  There are software that provides the number of incoming links.

Tool: AdvancedLinkManager,,


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