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Strengths: Acquisio is designed for interactive ad agencies. It provides campaign management features and lets you launch and manage new campaigns across multiple vendors. It provides CPA based keyword bidding and ad testing features; a sophisticated reporting system generates customizable PDF reports.

Pricing: Monthly base price of $1,000 plus either 2% or $25 per client for first $100,000, 1.75% for ad spending between $100,000 and $250,000, 1.5% for ad spending between $250,000 and $500,000, 1% for ad spending over 1M.


Atlas One

Strengths: Atlas One is one of the oldest pay per click software. It has all campaign management and keyword bidding features integrated into an online ad management tool. Atlas Media Console helps you manage other ad channels such as site targeted advertising with ad management, conversion performance tracking, and comparison between ad channels. It is particularly suitable for corporate marketers wanting to integrate pay per click management with other online marketing channels.

Pricing: NA



Strengths: ClickSweeper is keyword bidding and ad management software for agencies. It offers four types of campaign level bid management strategies along with two alternative keyword level bidding controls. Supported keyword bidding options are budget based bidding, rank based bidding, conversion driven bidding and keyword ROI based bidding.

The ad management feature delivers an integrated view of all ad copies in the entire account, and can sort ad performance by account level, campaign level, or ad group level. It also evaluates ad performance within the ad group and campaign and colors them based on performance.

Pricing: $35 per account for up to 1,000 keywords support, $10 for each additional 1,000 keywords support.


Efficient Frontier

Strengths: Efficient Frontier is known for having the most sophisticated keyword bidding and forecasting. Forecasting predicts how a keyword will convert into revenue metric. Portfolio based keyword bidding predicts keyword performance based on market data and algorithms and then optimizes campaign spending according to business goal. It is ideal for advertisers who have a large ad budget and many complex campaigns.

Pricing: For advertisers spending a million dollars a year, Efficient Frontier bases its fee on the percent of spend and size of company, and the number of keywords and other services.

Express product: $800 a month (recorded at July 2007).


DoubleClick (DART)

Strengths: The DART Search ROI bidding supports both keyword level bidding as well as portfolio based bidding. It also tracks keyword performance with multiple products and their conversion performance through Spotlight Tag Bidding.

DART provides all campaign management, ad management and keyword management features.

Pricing: NA



Strengths: Unlike traditional one keyword, one bid campaign strategies, SearchRev allows up to 100 bids at one time on a keyword with multiple targeting variables such as geographic location, day of week, time of day, and the website on which the click occurred. Multiple bids per keyword target ad spending and improve click cost. A dynamic, self-learning algorithm evaluates and optimizes bidding towards the most profitable clicks.

Pricing: NA



Strengths: BidHero allows you to access website analytic data through ClickTrack. It lets you compare campaign performance with conversion and financial performance along with site visitor performance data, such as time on site and short visit. It has all the features of campaign management including ad management features and keyword research tool. However, BidHero lacks automated keyword bidding features. It is good for corporate marketers who focus on position driven-bidding and adjust keyword bidding based on keyword performance on web site.

Pricing: BidHero is sold as a package (including analytic, email marketing and landing page development tools). Its packages start at $300.00.



Strengths: SearchIgnite is a PPC management tool that offers a comprehensive set of features as well as a variety of keyword bidding options. It is designed for agencies and sophisticated marketers managing large and complex international campaigns across major search engines. Among the features are custom generation of tracking tags for client implementation, customer tracking data importing, and keyword research tools. The keyword bidding tool is quite sophisticated with two technology engines: a prediction engine and an optimization engine.

Pricing: NA


SEM-in-a-box (Adapt SEM)

Strength: SEM-in-a-box is known for an effective ROI driven keyword bidding strategy. This tool provides data to effectively measure campaign performance against performance goal. It also offers an accessible set of performance graphs in a timeline that makes it easy to analyze performance change. It is an effective tool for medium sized businesses to improve conversion performance.

Pricing: $199/month for small business package, $299/month for professionals.


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