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Keyword Spy Tools,

It displays sponsored search keywords and their position, competitors, and ad copies for the searched website.  It displays top 20 organic ranked keywords and their competitors.  It also displays keyword performance over time called Time Machine and affiliate keywords. 

I find ad copy and keyword listing accurate and useful.   I also see competitor’s listing fairly accurate.  Information on Keyword Metrics is generally accurate.  Graph on keyword performance over time is somewhat reliable and worth noting.  It offers information that is not available from other tools and I find it useful.

Pricing: $89 - $135 per month,

This is the original keyword spy tool.  Once it identifies keywords used in sponsored search, it also displays range of cost/click, search volume, number of advertisers and changes of cost/click over a time.

Most of features are available online free for limited data size.  Its data is accurate and reliable.  Subscription version allows you to research keyword price range, estimated click count and spending for a large number of keywords.

Pricing: NA

It is a new breed of keyword spy tool with a focus on comparison data.  Its focus is to compare competitiveness between search engines and keywords in the same market.  This data may reveal an opportunity for advertisers to place a keyword ad with a relatively low cost.  It also captures competitor’s ad copies by search engine and review their performance to save ad test time. This is unique data presentation that will help you save time in keyword and ad test.

Pricing: from $59 to $79


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