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Selecting the right PPC Software

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular – and effective – online advertising strategies.

If you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon, you may have noticed that it isn’t as simple as it looks. There are keywords, rankings, bidding strategies, and spending limits to contend with.

And because it can all get rather complicated rather quickly, there are tens of different PPC management software to choose from. Choosing the right PPC software can determine the effectiveness of your campaign and PPC spending.

You’ll be glad to know that pay per click marketing represents the largest share of online marketing budgets. Corporate marketers and business owners have known for years that they can achieve substantial returns with PPC ads – when they have the right PPC software.

But not all PPC software solutions are alike, and not all of them will suit your needs. Many PPC software vendors offer free trials, but even so, finding the perfect PPC software can be a time-intensive process of trial and error. Assuming you give each software at least a month, you’re looking at a few months before you find the one that works best for you.

The objective of this website is to help marketers like you quickly find the best software for your business needs. Our goal is to be as objective and informative as possible and provide concrete reasons for our recommendations.

Let’s begin by identifying the key functions of PPC Software:

  • Automated intelligent keyword bidding

  • Campaign optimization and management

  • Consolidated campaign management

  • Enhanced workflow and navigation

  • Consolidated timely reporting

  • Major factors in decision making are:

  • Product Strength/Focus

  • Keyword Bidding

  • Specific feature requirements

  • Net effect on campaign profitability

  • Cost

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